Dr. Ahmed Al-Ostaz is Professor, Brevard Family Endowed Chair, and Graduate Program Coordinator in the Department of Civil Engineering at University of Mississippi (Ole Miss). He is, also, the Director of the Nano Infrastructure Laboratory at University of Mississippi. Al-Ostaz joined the faculty members at Ole Miss in January, 2002. Before coming to Ole Miss, Dr. Al-Ostaz was a Visiting Assistant Professor at Composite Materials and Structures Center and an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Materials Science and Mechanics at Michigan State University.

In his research, Dr. Al-Ostaz is interested in studying the fundamental physical, chemical and mechanical properties that control the damage mechanisms, at multi time and spatial scales. He focuses on bridging the gap between molecular/microscopic, micromechanics, and macroscopic scales of various materials ranging from nano structure to infrastructure using analytical, numerical and experimental approaches. Examples of his research work include: investigating the size effect of shot particles in metal-matrix composites, Analysis of transversely isotropic hyperelastic biphasic cartilage under indentation load; Evaluating the durability of polymeric composite materials for infrastructure applications; identification of interfacial mechanical properties in composites and correlating the analytical results to the experimental ones obtained by the Micro Indentation Test (ITS); studying damage mechanisms in composite materials using numerical, analytical and experimental techniques; using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy as an NDE technique to detect damage in repaired concrete structures with FRP; evaluating electro-mechanical properties of nano-structured materials and their applications; modeling engineering materials from atomic level to macro level and Using nano structured materials for Infrastructure applications.

Major Accomplishment in his research include: