Nano Infrastructure Research Group

Civil Engineer, Research Group Spotlighted in December Issue of EMI Online Newsletter

Alex Cheng

OXFORD, Miss. – A University of Mississippi civil engineering research group is featured in the December issue of the Engineering Mechanics Institute's online newsletter.

The Nano-Infrastructure Research Group, which applies recent developments in nanotechnology to the more traditional areas of civil engineering, was reported as one of the first in the nation to have made advancements in such research.

Nanotechnology refers to the use of matter on an atomic and molecular scale. Generally, it deals with structures that measure only 100 nanometers or smaller, and involves developing materials or even tiny machines within that size. A nanometer is one-billionth of a meter.

The EMI of the American Society of Civil Engineers is one of the nation’s premier professional organizations focusing on developing applied mechanics.

Alexander Cheng, chair and professor of civil engineering, said his article presents the research group’s goals, which include understanding the mechanics of nanomaterials and using the nanomaterials to improve the nation’s infrastructure (i.e. buildings, roadways, bridges, etc.). A sampling of the group’s research topics and research projects, lists of selected publications and links to relevant Web pages are also included.

“This newsletter was sent to about 2,000 members of EMI and about another 2,000 nonmembers,” Cheng said. “We look forward to continue working in this forefront research area.”

Amar Chaker, director of the EMI, said the organization in pleased that the UM research group's achievements are among the first to be spotlighted in the newsletter.

“Dr. Cheng's article will undoubtedly encourage others EMI members to submit similar reports profiling their research groups for future publication,” Chaker said.