Manufacturing Facilities
Major Equipment
Carver Hydraulic (0.5-48 tons) Compression Press including fully guided heated platens.

Use: Hot press is used to mold samples under controlled temperature and pressure.

Specification: Carver press 48 ton hot press (Carver, Inc, Wabash, IN, USA).

  • Clamping force 48 tons (minimum 1,000 lbs)
  • Stroke 4" (travel distance of the movable clamp)
  • Two (2) 15" x 15" electrically heated platens
  • Temperature range up to 650 deg. F or 343 deg C
  • Full touch screen interface
  • 10 recipe storage capability
  • 20 Programmable setpoints of clamp force, cure time and temperature per recipe
  • Programmable in force units of Kg, US Tons, Metric Tons & Pounds
  • Programmable in temperature units of degree F or C

Sample result:

Graphene/epoxy paper prepared by hot press

Lindbergh Blue M, Thermo Scientific Hamilton SafeAir II Fume Hood.

Working space: 84"(width) x 30"(height) x 26"(depth)

Other Equipment
Ovens and Accessories
Polymer Preparation Equipment
Cutting and other sample preparation equipment