Professor Al-Ostaz at 2014 Graduation

My Philosophy in Teaching relays on reinforcing theory and merging it with practice. In this manner, students are prepared not only for today’s challenges, but also for tomorrow’s needs. As a strategy, I focused on the use of cooperative learning techniques as they result in higher achievement, greater productivity, positive relations, and greater self-esteem among students. I tried to provide an environment in the classroom that promotes self-teaching and allows students to be creative. This style of teaching is partly accomplished with question and discussion opportunities during lectures and by the extra help that I was very happy to provide to students in my office. I have often received the comment that this type of activity not only helps students to stay awake during class but also encourages them to learn and digest the material in order to aid them in the discussions.  At University of Mississippi,  I teach the following courses:

Undergraduate Courses
Graduate Courses